Premises After Major Sports Events – The Case of Brazil

por Susana Lucas
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Today, I read news that made me sad and surprised: the degradation of sports premises after the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. How may happen these things, yet?

It is justified to us that certain places are chosen for major sports events in order to be a legacy. And then?

In the case of the 2016 Olympic Games, a sustainability program really existed, but was it only for the event? Just to put an ecological flag in the event and after that?

I do not know who can be held responsible for these situations that still occur, but at the outset, when an event of this dimension is planned and there is no after event follow-up, it’s at least strange…

The sustainability presents 3 basic pillars being one of them, economic. How can it be financially possible to make such a high investment and then do not continue to be able to use it? In the case of football stadiums we have a shelf life of 50 years and after 6 months we have images like the above one … it cannot be!
In social terms, the perspective was to ensure a range of premises to be used by local community, how will it be possible under these conditions?

Finally but not least relevant concerning the environmental issues, it was used ground and resources for premises which are no longer operating?

I believe that it will be urgent to act, to carry out a recovery plan and a strategic program of use for those premises, if possible with sustainability. That’s the challenge!

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