Sports Infrastructures Sustainability

por Susana Lucas
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Yesterday evening, after Coimbra and Porto, I went to Santarem Hotel to the presentation of the book “O Futebol no Distrito de Santarem – Infraestruturas Desportivas”, organized by the Direction of Football Association of Santarem.

Among speakers were António Laranjo (Eng.), Herminio Loureiro, Francisco Jerónimo, Ricardo Gonçalves, Pedro Ribeiro, Jorge Faria. Very interesting speeches, but I would like to highlight the speech of Antonio Laranjo (Eng.), who has included the Euro 2004 in his vast resume.

The part of the speech that I put emphasis on is when he said that in addition to making new municipal infrastructures, especially football stadiums, there would be the need to carry out a business analysis of them and verify their sustainability or self-sustainability.

If I was already interested in hearing him, this was the “click”. Then, he presented some measures for the said sustainability and he even stated that the investment versus payback period was very attractive for several measures.

I was so happy with his presentation and the focus he made on sustainability, which in addition to having gone to congratulate him on the presentation, I also informed him that there was already a sustainability assessment system for stadiums, which would be available online soon, for free, and where the stadiums could make the assessment of their sustainability.

He was equally pleased to what I have presented to him and congratulated me for the initiative!

So, it seems that I am on the right way and I can help to contribute to a greater sustainability of the sports infrastructures of Portugal!

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